Friday, September 2, 2011

how to make stuff we make - jess

How To: make a clutch with super cool fabric and a sewing 
machine. super easy and no pattern needed.

Alrighty, so you'll want to start with two pieces of fabric like so. This will be the outside part of the clutch, Hence the really cool pattern. I completely forgot to measure this, but I'm going say it's about 8x10in. You can make it however big or small you want. You just want the hight of the fabric to be about 2in longer than the width. 

You will also want two separate pieces of fabric for the lining. It needs to be the same size as the fabric you cut before, for the outside of the clutch.

Next you'll want to pin the two pieces for the outside together. The fabric used here has the pattern on only one side so when you pin it together it needs to be pinned with both sides together. (the patterned sides facing). The lining here is just solid black so it doesn't matter how its pinned. You only want to pin 3 sides like so. It's really hard to tell in the first pic, but you can see it better in the 2nd.

Then, you will want to sew around the edges where you pinned (only those 3 sides).

My apologies for not getting a pic of the patterned fabric. But it should look just like the lining. It's a bit messy. My friend Alex did the work on this; she's a beginner.

Now you need to turn the pattern fabric right side out. Where the seam is on the inside. You need to leave the lining just the same and tuck it into the patterned fabric, like so:

It's really hard to see here, but you do not turn the lining inside out or anything. You'll just leave it the same.

Then you'll fold the lining over the outside like this. I'm sorry again, its hard to see. And then you'll sew it down. 

You can do this with or without a handle. For the handle you'll need 2x10in fabric. Here, we used black  to match the lining. You'll fold the fabric in half along the 10in side and then sew it along there. After this you'll turn it right side in, and then fold it in half and sew it into the inside. The seam should be right on top of the seam you did earlier.

I like to sew snaps on the inside to keep it closed. You'll want to do this by hand.

Finished product :))

If you have any questions, let me know!

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