Saturday, August 13, 2011

how to make stuff we make-

How to: Make a clutch out of a lucky charms box, three pieces of fabric, and a sewing machine.

I love this fabric. It's perfect for a clutch that you don't use batting with since it's so thick. If you want to use a lighter fabric, you need to sew a layer of  batting with the cereal box layer.

Cut the lining and the shell the same size.

 Pin the cereal boxes to the backside of the lining. Leave room on both sides as well as a little bit in the middle for the base and about the same amount of fabric at the top for the flap.

Hint: If you want a solid base, cut the side of the box and pin it in the middle of the other two pieces.

 Sew the cardboard to the lining. It doesn't have to be exact, but make sure it's secure. Sew over the corners multiple times.

 After you're done sewing the cardboard to the lining, re-pin the lining to the shell and sew in the same places. If you're stressing out about stitches being perfect, don't. It's cuter when it isn't perfect. You will have extra room on the sides. Don't freak out, that's supposed to be there. If you don't like it- just cut off the excess and sew it up. If you want to be fancy, proceed with the next steps.

 Sew a seam as close as you can to the cardboard lining. Make sure you are reenforcing your ends so that they don't unravel and look like you bought if from forever 21 after 2 uses. 

 Flip the pieces inside of each other and pin. Make sure that they are completely pushed to the seam so that it doesn't come undone and please disregard my raggedy nails.

 Sew it up on both sides.
I sewed up a little strip for the front in the same fabric as the flap lining. You don't have to do that, but it's cute. This doesn't  have to be perfect either. I didn't measure, I just eyeballed it. I really like when it doesn't look perfect. You do need to sew each side though.

 I cut the flap lining to fit under the flap shell, pinned, and sewed. Then I sewed the strip to the flap. Easy easy.
Done! I'll post a picture with my stuff in it and with an outfit tonight!

If you have any questions, comment!


Thursday, August 11, 2011

stuff we will be chatting about via blog posts:

our outfit diary- 
If we like our outfits, we are going to post them. 

stuff we make- 
We like to make stuff. After we make it, we will post it.

stuff we are going to make-
tutorials we like. 

how to make stuff we make- 
our own tutorials.

other people's cool clothes-
You know those people who you just have to tell how much you like their outfits? Those are the folks we will be taking pictures of. You're welcome.

thrift store outfits-
You can get awesome outfits for under 15 bucks at a thrift store. We shall show you how.

stuff that is way too expensive but we want it anyway-
We like expensive stuff too. We will show you what we wish we could afford so you can covet with us. 

This is our blog! Our blog about clothes. Our blog about clothes we love. Our blog about clothes we make, clothes we see on random strangers, clothes we wish we owned, clothes we will probably have to steal because they are so expensive, and clothes that aren't expensive at all.