Thursday, August 11, 2011

stuff we will be chatting about via blog posts:

our outfit diary- 
If we like our outfits, we are going to post them. 

stuff we make- 
We like to make stuff. After we make it, we will post it.

stuff we are going to make-
tutorials we like. 

how to make stuff we make- 
our own tutorials.

other people's cool clothes-
You know those people who you just have to tell how much you like their outfits? Those are the folks we will be taking pictures of. You're welcome.

thrift store outfits-
You can get awesome outfits for under 15 bucks at a thrift store. We shall show you how.

stuff that is way too expensive but we want it anyway-
We like expensive stuff too. We will show you what we wish we could afford so you can covet with us. 

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